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Anti-Smoking Set

Anti-Smoking Set
Anti-Smoking Set
Weight: 3 lbs 10 ozs
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This set includes 25" Girl Full Body Puppet.& Think Script Book/ with CD
This multimedia tool designed for elementary and middle school students is a puppet presentation on anti-smoking. Sage, the main character who aspires to be a winning track star, lets others convince her that smoking is "cool." Join her and the other eight characters to see how tobacco users are losers. This will be a great presentation to perform at your church or school.

This great book is paired with a 21" girl puppet to play the role of Sage.

Characters: Sage (13 year old girl) ~ Simone (Sage's little sister) ~ Coach Frank (Middle school track coach) ~ Dad (Sage's dad) ~ Surfer dude (14 year old guy) ~ Girlfriend (Sage's 13 year old friend) ~ Kat (Sage's biggest track competitor) ~ TV talk show host (comedian) ~ Nick (Cigarette puppet with a bad sense of humor)
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