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Righteous Pop MusicVol 20

Righteous Pop MusicVol 20
Righteous Pop MusicVol 20
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Righteous Pop Music - Volume 20  

This is the twentieth album in the Righteous Pop Music series, featuring ten Christian parodies of popular songs from yesterday and today. A Christian message is prominent in each song.   

Parody Title
 Original Song
Jesus Brought Me  Satisfaction
Unchained Life Unchained Melody 
God Praisin'  Tubthumpin
Sin What is it good For? War
I Got You Lord  I Got You Babe
The Way He Makes Me Feel  The way you Make Me Feel
These Jeans are Made for Worship These Boots are Made for Walkin
Your Oughta Pray You Oughta Know
You're So Good You're No Good
Bridge Over Troubled Sinners  Bridge Over Trouble Water

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