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Choose Your Pardner

Choose Your Pardner
Choose Your Pardner
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Get ready for an adventure in the Wild West!
This series of ten lessons is set in a western town called Twin Forks Junction.

 As the name implies, visitors to the town can choose from two different ways as they travel onward. The lessons emphasize the choices kids face every day, and encourage kids to make wise choices. The ten sessions include a wanted poster to hang or color, puppet skit, music time, object lesson, game, clown or drama skit, and Bible story with discussion guide. This unit provides 60 - 90 minutes of programming for each lesson, and can be adapted to fit the needs of your ministry. It could easily be shortened to five sessions if desired.

You'll need a maximum of eight people to play all the characters in the unit, plus six puppeteers; or a minimum of four people could cover all characters and puppets. If performed as suggested, six puppets would be needed: two men, one woman, two boys, and a girl.

Lessons are:
  •    Choose Your Life Pardner, part one * Choose Your Life Pardner, part two
  •    Choose Your Friends, part one * Choose Your Friends, part two
  •    Choose Your Attitude, part one * Choose Your Attitude, part two
  •    Choose Right Over Wrong, part one * Choose Right Over Wrong, part two
  •    Choose Your Final Destination, part one * Choose Your Final Destination, part two

This series is geared toward grades one through six and encourages them to choose Jesus as their lifetime partner. It can be used for children church, VBS, midweek activities, Sunday school, camps, and more!

Two supplemental CDs are included:  1-Song CD and 2- Recorded puppet skit CD.

Song titles are: * Do the Right Thing * Jesus, Take Me Away * Do What God Wants You To * Humbly Grateful or Grumbly Hateful * The Dog Song * I'll Be Riding with My Pardner * Big Ol' God * I Have Decided to Follow Jesus * Born in a Barn * God Is Good All the Time

Skit titles are: * Pistol Pete is Coming! * Wille Makes a New Friend * Dirty Dudley Comes to Town * Everyone Needs a Good Friend * Sheriff Sam's Surprise * Don't Git All Troubled * Pistol Pete Makes a Choice * Dudley Gets a New Pardner * Travel Plans * Clean Clothes and a White Hat * Twin Forks Junction Intro and Exit

Intro & Exits: * Chuck Wagon Cook's Intro and Exit * Pistol Pete's Intro and Exit * Deputy DoGood Intro and Exit * Dusty Trails Intro and Exit

Segments in each lesson are: * Opening Theme Introduction * Deputy DoGood Game Time * Puppet Skit with Sheriff Sam Straight * Offering and Announcements * Music time with Singing Cowboy * Object Lesson with Miss Lizzie * Puppet Song Presentation

(part two sessions only) * Clown Skit with Sugar Cookie and Sweet Cakes * Bible Story Time with Dusty Trails * Optional Small Group Discussion Time * Prayer and Dismissal
(part one sessions only) * Drama Skit with Deputy DoGood and Pistol Pete

This unit includes: * Unit overview * Printed song lyrics * Supplemental music CD and puppet skit CD * Character descriptions and costume ideas * Decoration ideas * Small group organization * Complete reproducible lesson plans for ten sessions, including puppet and drama skits * Reproducible team name tags * Reproducible Wanted Posters (coloring sheets) * Reproducible Cowboy Bucks * Reproducible newsletter template * Reproducible Bible Memory Verse take-home page * Instructions for making "66-Shooter" Bible prop
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