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Gospel Draw & Tell - Book 2

Gospel Draw & Tell - Book 2
Gospel Draw & Tell - Book 2
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Gospel Draw & Tell Book  #2

27 awesome Draw & Tell Stories.    A very exciting way to teach children a method that is sure to get their attention and keep it.  Wiggly children are so fascinated that they lose the wiggles and absorb the lesson.  When the magical moment comes to transform the picture, you will hear: Wow! Neat!  This is fun!.
Collect all three Draw and Tell Books:  Gospel Draw & Tell  Vol. 1 , Vol. 2, and Vol. 3

26 stories include: Work Before You Play, Poor Bowser, Many things to be Thankful For, Bradly's
 List, The Christmas Tree, The Best Things About Easter, Happy's Discovery, Joy, Stirring Up Kindness, The Dragon Fly, Honest and Brave, A Wonderful Home and many more.
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