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Bee Attitudes

Bee Attitudes
Bee Attitudes
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This ten-lesson curriculum unit teaches children to "bee" what Jesus wants them to be by "making honey" with good attitudes and actions, and not "stinging" others with bad attitudes or hateful words.
Each lesson includes music ideas, spelling bee, puppets, Bible memory, and spiritual challenge. Two CDs are included, one with sing-along songs and one with character rap songs.

This unit provides 60 - 90 minutes of programming for each lesson, and can be adapted to fit the needs of your ministry.

You'll need a maximum of four character roles, plus a puppeteer or singer, and small group leaders.

A minimum of four people could cover all characters, puppeteer/sing and lead groups.

Roles Include Queen Bee (lead Person ) Beekeeper (presents some segments), Honey Bee and Stinger Bee each present a message. Every session can be puppets or a song leader who performs the music. 

For children grades 1 through 6, this unit can be used for children's church, VBS, midweek activities, Sunday school, camps, and more.

Two supplemental CDs are included with this unit

 Lessons are:  Sing-along titles are:  Character rap titles are:
 Introduction  I'm Gonna Be a Bee-liever    No Sweat Bee Theme
 Bee Joyful  Give Me Truth  Bee Joyful
 Bee Kind  Yes, I Can Do It   Bee Kind
 Bee Truthful  I Just Want to Be   Bee Truthful
 Bee Obedient  Don't GIve Up  Bee Obedient
 Bee Hardworking  My Hands Belong to You  Bee Hardworking
 Bee Self-Controlled      Bee Self-Controlled
 Bee Persistent    Bee Persistent
 Bee Humble    Bee- Humble 

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