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Bible Puppet Scripts

Bible Puppet Scripts
Bible Puppet Scripts
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Twenty-four short scripts by various authors.
Each script uses a character that is a Bible, and is two to four minutes in length.
Three of the scripts are monologues, and the rest of the scripts use two to three characters. Topics include neglecting God's Word, and exciting stories in the Bible.

Bible puppet is available separately. click on picture for link. 

Red Bible W Legs



Peek View


Bible & Teacher

Bible is left behind

The B-I-B-l-E

Bible & Teacher

Don’t let Bible get dusty

The Bible Makes Himself Known

Bible & Teacher

Bible unique book

Birthday Cake for Kid James

Kid James &NIV "Ann Ivy”

Speaking boldly

Finding the Answers to Life’s Problems

Bible & Charlie

His word has the answers

Getting to Know You

Bible & Susie

Filled with God’s word

God’s Wisdom

Bible & Sally

Putting wisdom to work

A Good Book to Read

Bible & Sammy

Reading a good  book

He Needs Me

Bible & Julie

Reasons to serve the Lord

Jimmy the Kid and His Most Excellent Adventures

Bible & Bobby

Flood Noah, Jonah

The Kid and the Thief

Bible and a thief

Turning your life around

Kid James and His New Friend


Monolog  saved friends

Kid James Revised Version

Bible & Teacher

Stories in the Bible

Kid James Rides Again

Bible & Tom

Kid James to the rescue

Meeting a Friend

Bible & Jack

He cares for you

New Friends

Bible & Bobby


Oh To Be Loved and Tattered


Monolog  Being wanted


Bible & Cowboy

Cleaning up the town

Read the Word

Bible, Pat, and Terry

                 Nothing is impossible

That’s My Job

Bible & Devil

Turning to God

To Plant or Not to Plant

Bible & Marty

Parable Seeds

The Treasure

Bible & Seeker

God’s word worth more than gold

A Valuable Book



Wear My Yoke

Bible & Johnny

Jesus wears our yoke

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