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Super Fast Bible Stories

Super Fast Bible Stories
Super Fast Bible Stories
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Super Fast Bible Stories is a collection of 9 puppet skits focusing on several important stories from the Bible.
Buzz tells each story in a super fast way, while his buddy Toby helps him out. Ater they are done telling each story, the boys ask the audience several simple questions about what they just heard.
The audience is encouraged to participate and shout the answers out.

These skits offer a fun and simple way of communicating some of the basic facts about several key Bible stories. Each skit offers a lot of humor and encourages audience participation.

Requires: 2 boy puppets.

Skits Include:
  • Super Fast Daniel
  • Super Fast David & Goliath
  • Super Fast Elijah
  • Super Fast Fiery Furnace
  • Super Fast Jonah
  • Super Fast Noah
  • Super Fast Calming the Storm
  • Super Fast Feeding of the 5.000
  • Super Fast Walking on Water
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