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Adopt A Puppet

Adopt A Puppet
Adopt A Puppet
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Tight Budget?

  Adopted A Puppet is a fun and painless way to involve your congregation in raising funds for more puppets without stretching an already tight budget.

Imagine a scenario in which it is revealed to a caring congregation that several young "characters" are facing a homeless life. These individuals are friendly, well-known animals and children who, without personal intervention, will face the coming holiday alone.

     And being the kind and benevolent leader that you are, organize an effort in which many of these yet-to-be-friends can come and reside at your church. Here they will live happy and productive lives, leading and teaching children and adults in a variety of ways.

Adopt A Puppet Book  will give you outlines for how to make a successful fundraiser for your church.

  Book includes:

  • Explanation and instruction, from beginning to end, on how to work the program
  • Control sheets
  • Letters of communication to congregation
  • Suggested characterizations
  • Sample announcements for publicity
  • Sample calendar / schedule
  • 20 official Adoption Certificates
  • Collections of puppet starter kits offered at a discount
  • A certificate which entitles you to free shipping when ordering six or more puppets from One Way Street.

All information needed to complete the program:

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