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Chris Sockette Puppet

Chris Sockette Puppet
Chris Sockette Puppet
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Chris  Glove Puppet a whole armful of puppeteering fun! This crazy, 16-inch long (approximately), knit puppet has a green striped body, with alternating orange fluffy tufts, goofy eyeballs and a squeaker in its squeaker tongue - which all adds up to a side-splitting puppet show that will have the audience yelling "encore!"

The Sockettes Hand Puppets give kids a wonderful time for imagination and furn. Take Chris with you the next time you are traveling. Put on a puppet show as you are going down the road and be sure and show the cars that you are passing your fun puppet. Don’t forget to take her into restaurants and have her order your food for you.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

H: 16 inches
W: 5.5 inches
L: 5 inches
Price: $23.95