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Mining Wisdom Curriculum

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Mining Wisdom Curriculum
Mining Wisdom Curriculum

Mining Wisdom

Mine treasures from God's Word What the Bible is all about!

The Bible is God speaking to mankind. In most classes the Bible is NOT an exciting, relevant book. Are your student in love with the Bible or do they simply endure it until you do something fun?

Mining Wisdom curriculum can help your students discover the Bible is a wonderful treasure- more valuable than diamonds. It is time to dust it off and put it to work in our lives.

Mining Wisdom compares mining minerals from the earth with mining nuggets from your Bible. Your Students will love digging in their Bibles with Aristo Rat as their guide.

The puppets or actors from the mine will teach an overview of every book in the Bible and illustrate it with a florescent memory symbol. Meet Goldie, the Rock Hound, who discovers a treasure more valuable than gold and diamonds, and Ding Bat andSylvester the Snake that want to steal her treasure; Professor Von Clucktrying to perfect his time machine to find Moses, Koo Koo Bird that is Koo Koo for God's Word and theOld Prospector. Mining Wisdom is an exciting, action packed unit that illustrates true wisdom is only found in God's Word.

13 complete lessons include:

  • 13 Bible Stories
  • 16 Character Stories
  • 43 Drama/Puppet Skits
  • 13 Crafts
  • 42 Object Lessons
  • Books of the Bible Memory Symbols
  • Bible Reading Charts
  • Puppet Patterns for Koo Koo Bird, Ding Bat &Sylvester
  • Bulletin Board Pattern
  • Mining Set Pattern.

Not Included are:         (Check out these links for characters below)

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