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30" Full Body - Hispanic Grandpa

30" Full Body - Hispanic Grandpa
30" Full Body - Hispanic Grandpa
SKU: SP1101C
Weight: 10 lbs
30" Full Body - Hispanic Grandpa   never learned to slow down. He's now retired and still one of the busiest men in town. He's always updating his house and going on walks. He's on the board of 10 charities and is taking ball room dancing. 

He is our top of the line professional puppet! Standing about 30" with legs attached and about 18" with legs removed.

His mouth is hinged and is extremely easy to manipulate. He comes with removable legs allowing you to use him as either a full body ventriloquist doll or behind a stage as a half body puppet. Great for puppet ministry and other shows.

Foam heads and torsos, nylon lycra linings, and our special "snug fit" mouth board design make these the highest quality performance puppets on the market!
  • One arm rod included  
  • Legs can easily be snapped on and off as you wish.
  • Clothing can easily be removed for other costumes.
  • Other features include a seamless face, individual fingers, sewn elbows,
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