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Dog In a Bag (Seasonal Object Lessons)

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Dog In a Bag  (Seasonal Object Lessons)
Dog In a Bag (Seasonal Object Lessons)
 Solo Puppetry resource!

This book contains  36 object lessons and one full script  showing how they can be used with the Dog-in-a-Bag puppet! An ideal tool for Jr  Church, VBS, Special Days, Program filler, schools and Hospitals too.

See related products below for the prop kit that contains 23 of the 36 objects as used in this book to give you everything you need to get started!

Everyday  Dog in a Bag Seasonal Object Lessons Book & Prop Kit Deal  DIB-02KD

Seasons covered include: 
- New Year (2 lessons) 
- Valentines Day (2 lessons) 
- Shrove (Pancake)  Tuesday 
- Lent (2 lessons) 
- St. David Day 
- St. Patrick Day 
- Mother Day 
- Palm Sunday 
- Good Friday 
- Easter (3 lessons) 
- St. George Day 
- Pentecost 
- Trinity Sunday 
- Father Day 
- Harvest (2 lessons) 
- Halloween/Light Party 
- Remembrance Day 
- Thanksgiving Day 
- Advent 
- St. Andrew’s Day 
- Christmas (4 lessons) 

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